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The Hare...Harekin..Old Turpin..Stag of the stubble..Woodcat..Old Bouchart..the cat of the woods..the lurker in the ditches..Furzecat..Dew Hopper..The Stag with leathery horns..

Many are the names of the Hare, and it's association with the moon and the harvest has been an inspiration for me for many years. Shapeshifting witches changed into Hares and streaked across fields to escape persecution, so says folklore...perhaps they really did...


This Woodland Spring limited edition signed and numbered print  is the brand new release of this very popular image. It is released on a short small run of images and only available in this format until Christmas 2022.


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Woodland Spring Limited Edition Fine Art Print

  • The print is available in three sizes and in three framed options. A 2.5cm border is included in all sizes. 

    21cm by 29cm unframed version

    21cm by 29cm