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New beginnings part 2

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Well this bloke was like no one I’d ever met before. He had a such a deep feel for the land (in fact he spent most of his time covered in it). I’d never met such a kind, spiritual or mud covered man before. And I was entranced. We hit it off straight away, and he gave me the strength and the courage to make a break away from the corporate life that had a stranglehold on me. And so I leapt… I ran. I had nowhere to go, no home, no job, no money. I earnt a little cash by planting trees and hedgerows with him high on the plains above Avebury. Freezing cold in the winter planting season, watching the sun rise over West Kennet long barrow and drop down at the end of the day over Silbury Hill. I met pagans and druids, the Head Keeper of the Stones at Avebury, witches, people I’d never known before. And I started to breathe, to feel the magic in the land under my feet, see the hares running across the frosted land, and the badger setts deep in the forests. My eyes were opening. I started to paint and draw.

Having no home anymore, I happily slept in my car on and off for three months until one day….

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