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New products which we may stock

We have been looking at these new products and whether they would be of any interest to you. The first I do not have an image for but is an advent calendar. It will have a main image on the front and then 24 images inside with a piece of cadburys chocolate. These will be made in the UK for us and because they are small quantities would end up costing around £18. This is a lot more than the commercially available ones on the high street which are manufactured in China. Is this a product you would like?

Advent calendar

  • 0%Yes I would love an advent calendar

  • 0%No not for me

My second possible new product i have had real problems photographing but here they are. these lovely little lanterns would cost around £10 and we think they are beautiful. they are printed with the image in our workshop. Hope you like them and please let us know.

Poll for Lanterns

  • 0%Yes I like them

  • 0%Not for me

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I love the lanterns- would definitely buy at least 4 as gifts


I love the lanterns would buy 3 for gifts.


Oct 01, 2023

I love the lanterns. A lovely gift!


Love the lanterns!


These look lovely! I would definitely have at least two!

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