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New beginnings part 1

So I thought I would say hello to you all properly… and I will start to tell you a story, the story of how I came to be painting and making jewellery and living in a wooden hand built house with Philthetree, an ex hippy tree planting man I met at a meditation class… as you do.

So to start, twenty years ago I lived a very different life. A very unhappy life in a corporate world in Human Resources. And it nearly killed me… I had to be ‘professional’ and wear a suit every day and try to fit in a place I didn’t belong. I desperately needed to escape, and one day, at the meditation class I’d started to take, learning about tarot and crystals and auras and (to my mind at the time) all sorts of amazing and crazy things, I met a scruffy bloke who lived in a caravan and planted trees for a living….. and who was also a Druid……

more soon….

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Els Fiber
Els Fiber
08. 9. 2022

Fun ! I already heard a bit of the story from daughter, who bought some of your stuff and follows you at Insta . . . waiting for more !

To se mi líbí

I'm so happy that you're writing this here as well as Instagram. It's one of the most inspirational stories that I've ever read. I enjoy the daily installments on Instagram so much. I hope that someday you'll turn this into a book. I know it'll be a bestseller. Your story gives people hope that whatever they believe, they can achieve. You and Phil are the inspiration behind my decision to go back to my studies with OBOD. It has been awhile. I felt called to "go home" again to OBOD because your words guided me there. Your cards also helped as they were coming up with the same with every reading. Thank you both so much for all you do.…

To se mi líbí
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