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Woodland Shrine boxes with totem pendants

Forest Folktale Shrine Box

In the middle of the forest, a hare waits by a moonlit pool, an owl flies high over the canopy, pale wings ghostly in the moonlight.  Below, hidden in the trees and holloways the badger forages for his supper and the fox slinks along field boundaries and into the dark shelter of the woodland.  At the centre of a glade, deep into the trees, a stag stands lit by the midnight moonlight, moths flitting around in the brightest moon.
A meditation on forest folklore and mythology, a shrine box and pendant that encompass the stories of the woodlands, the sun dappled forest glade, the trees, the animals who make it their home and the hidden ancient stories to be found. 
The box is a hand made wooden box, painted by me with leaves and a magical nocturnal sky.  The Owl finial and Daisy door handle are handmade sterling silver, and the image inside is hand gilded with 24ct gold leaf. The door is etched glass with a Badger, Fox and Owl in a woodland setting with the midnight hills beyond.  The pendant has a silver Crow, Moth, Fox, Westbury White Horse, Acorn, Star, Crescent Moon, Stag, Toadstool, Holly leaf, Oak leaf and Hare.  The gemstones are: Green rutilated quartz, Moonstone, Ruby, Smokey quartz, Amethyst and Labradorite.
Wall mounted or freestanding.


At the Edge of the Woods. Shrine Box with totem pendant

At the Edge of the Woods, overlooking the moonlit fields, the Badger wakes and under the silvery light wanders his ancestral pathways, meandering through holloways and spinneys, meeting his friends the Hare and the Owl. The Stars shine brightly and the moon illuminates the ancient pathways as the night deepens onwards towards dawn.

The handmade shrine box has a silver Hare finial and Oak leaf door handle.  The image inside is hand gilded with 24t gold, and the glass is etched with the view from the edge of the woods, looking across the fields towards the Westbury White Chalk hill horse. The Hare watches us as the night unfolds. 

The totem pendant has an Owl Oak leaf, Crescent Moon and Star, the gemstones are labradorite, Moonstone, iolite and lavender jade.

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