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The Cailleach fine art limited edition print is now available and comes in 4 different sizes and also in 2 oak framed.


The Cailleach is one of the great Celtic goddess ancestors and is the guardian of the winter, she brings the winter with her and heralds the changing and transformational time of the year. seen as the herder of the great deer and the reindeer herds. she brings with her the wolves that call out in the night.


Each year at Imbolg (February 1st) the Cailleach runs out of firewood, she makes the day warm and  transforms into a bird to search for more, if she finds more then winter will continue but if she oversleeps and misses the day the wheel will turn and spring begins. In many traditions songs are stories are told on Imbolg eve so as to lull her into a longer sleep.

The Cailleach fine art limited edition signed and numbered print

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