Watching the moonlit Hill

Watching the Moonlit Hill .jpg

Through the Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass web.jpg

Scent of the new Day

The scent of the new day.JPG

The lost God of the Hills

The lost god of the hills .jpg

Wilfred Mouse

wilfred mouse .jpeg

The Corn Goddess

The corn Goddess.jpg

The House of Memory

the house of memory.jpeg

Songs from the Land

songs from the land .jpeg

Nature's Crown

natures crown.JPG

The Selkie of Sules Skerry

selkie of sules skurry.jpeg

Meeting the Caterpillar

Meeting The Caterpillar .jpg

An Ancient Memory


Selkie II

Selkie 2.jpg



The Moon Pool

moon pool.jpg


Reynard .jpg

The Magic Apple Tree

Magic Apple Tree .jpg

If I were a Blackbird

If I were a Blacvkbird.jpg

Moon Rise

Moon Rise -9.2 inch .jpg

Silver Moon

Silver Moon .JPG

Mother of all Herds II

Mother of all Herds II .jpg



Mari Lwyd

Mari Lwyd .jpg

The Amber Journey

Amber Journey.jpg

St Melangell II

Mother of all Herds

Mother of all Herds.jpg
Mel full image.jpg

A Wild Tradition

A wild tradition.jpeg

Under the Chalkhorse

under the chalkhorse.JPG

Secret in Valentine's Wood

secret in valentine wood.jpg

Imbolc Morning

imbolc morning.jpeg