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Small Wounded Soldier Badger ribbon Pendant

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This little Badger was running through the forest when he fell over a log left by a clumsy fox, and ended up with a crick in his neck… He has lots to do and friends to see, so he’s bandaged his neck with a small leaf offered to him by a watching beech tree. And now he’s good as new, except instead of his name on his reverse, it now says ‘adger ‘. So he’s decided that his name is now Adger… 😉 

He’s decorated with a little star, as he *is* a little star, and he has one of my fabulous new moonstones to light his way through the forest at night… 

Handmade entirely by me in silver in my garden studio. 

Adger is 2.2cm at his widest point and his height from top of ring to bottom of stone is 3.7cm

He would normally be £179 but as he now hangs a little forward as the leaf is heavier than he thought, he is now £129 🩷

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