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Large Woodland Totem Pendant

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Large Woodland totem pendant with:

🍃Waning Crescent Moon with amethyst, 

🍃sitting Hare with brandburg amethyst double terminated set in silver

🍃 Woodland Stag below little Bird with pink sapphire and iolite (the shaman stone),

🍃 Oak Leaf with green tourmaline set in silver,

🍃 Uffington White Horse with vintage amber and turquoise, 

🍃Fly Agaric mushroom with acorn dangle.  

To represent the old stories of the wild woodlands and open hills, ancestor energy and the magic of the ancient stories held within the landscape💫🌙💫

Handmade entirely by me in silver in my garden studio.  

Words on the reverse read: ‘Wild Hare’, ‘Light of the ancient Forest’  

Length from top of loop to bottom of lower piece: 8.2cm  

Height of Stag including Bird and stones; 7.4cm

Height of Hare including Star and Amethyst 5.3cm 

Length of chain: 24”, 62cm

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