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I am an artist and jewellery maker living in Wiltshire, UK, in a handmade wooden home, next to an ancient apple orchard with my husband, dog, cats and assorted chicken, geese and, on occasion, grown up children.

Wiltshire is full of myth and folklore and it is here too that I go for my ideas. The stories, songs, poems and characters that are embedded into the landscape are a constant source of inspiration and inform much of my work. This combined with my love of poetry and British Folklore means my work is full of animals, hills, woodlands, primeval places, moons, stars and constallations. I try to instill a feeling of place, of time and of magic in my work, connecting to the hidden knowledge held within the land and passed down through generations.

My work flows from jewellery to drawing and painting and back again, each informing the other and giving a continuous developing story.

I create jewellery in fine silver, showing the animals, birds and trees in the landscape where I live, and set with beautiful gemstones, sometimes using British stones when I can find them. All have poetry or writing on the back inspired by the subject of the piece.

Working with my husband Phil, in our little workshop in Hampshire, our shared love for the countryside enables us to create products that we hope you love and cherish. 

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