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The Hare, Harekin, Old Turpin, Stag of the Stubble, Woodcat, Old Bouchart, the Cat of the Wood, the Lurker in Ditches, Furzecat, Dew Hopper, the Stag with leathery horns....

Many are the names of the Hare and it's association with the moon and the harvest has been an inspiration for me for many years. Shape shifting witches changed into Hares and streaked across fields to escape persecution, so says folklore...perhaps they really did...

The Creggan white hare website.jpg

The Forest Pool

The Forest Pool .jpg

Full Moon Dance

Full Moon Dance.jpeg

In the Valley of the Hare

in the valley of the hare .jpg

Harebell Lantern

Harebell Lantern .jpg

The Coming Harvest

The Coming Harvest.JPG

The Twa Magicians

The Twa magicians .jpg


Arnabet 4 by 6.jpg

Woodland Spring

woodland spring .jpeg

The Magic Tree

Magic Tree .jpg

Moon Hare

Moon Hare copy.jpg

Northern Lights

Northern Lights.jpg

Uffington Hare

Uffington Hare .jpg

The Messenger

The Messenger.jpeg

The Coldest Night

The Coldest Night.jpg

Golden Dreams

golden dreams.jpg

Sacred Glade

sacred glade.JPG

Sacred Glade II

Sacred Glade II.jpeg

Moon in the Trees

Moon in the Trees.jpeg

The Summer Garden

Summer garden .jpg

The Watching Owl

Watching Owl.jpg

Midsummer Solstice

Midsummer Solstice.jpg

The Winter King

Winter King copy.jpeg

The Hare's Tale

Creggan White

The Hares tale .jpg
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