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'Well they’re all gone, but as for me the wild hare still runs as free and at dusk the badger travels still ancestral highways on the hill. I am a Cotswold bred as these and I still need these field and trees and I need the soil that bore my race and holds their bones beneath this place.' Extract of a Poem by Frank Mansell

I get very attached to my badgers and find it hard to let them go. The last few years have been hard for our beautiful badgers and I feel a poignancy whenever I paint them.

Upon the next Full Moon

The next full moon website.jpeg

The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern.JPG

The Last Full Moon

the last full moon square.jpeg

Solstice Dreamer

Solstice Dreamer .jpeg

Beneath this Place

Beneath this Place.jpeg

At Dusk

At Dusk .jpeg

The Yule Badger

Yule Badger .jpg

Guardian of the Ancient Land

Guardian of the Ancient Land test.jpg

Night Foraging

Night Foraging.jpg

The Badger's Moon

The Badgers Moon.jpg

Guardian of the Winter Solstice

guardian of the winter solstice.jpeg
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